Referral program

It's very easy to join our referral program and it only takes 2 minutes! >

> First of all, you have to create an account or if you already have one, simply login.

> Second, access the "Referral program" section from your account panel, there you will have all your information about your affiliate link, sponsor email, sponsor ID, even images and your QR code that you can download for free and use wherever you want!

Remember that for each friend you bring to our website you will earn a fixed amount* and a percentage* of the purchase they make! But best of all, your friend will also get a discount* on their purchase!

*These amounts are reflected in the referral section of your account and may change or disappear at any time by unilateral decision of Shibumi, for technical or production reasons.

share our website

Whether through social networks, blogs, private chats or forums, share your referral link or ID with your friends. The more you can reach, the better!

Your friend places an order

These friends register on our website by accessing through your link or by entering your referral ID and when placing an order they will remain as your referrals

receive your money

Once we verify that everything is correct and that your friend has received his order, we will proceed to validate your commissions and you will be able to see them in your account balance

Do you need more resources about the brand?

Discover the branding page, there you will find everything related to corporate colors, rules of use, logos and how to use them

Affiliate program

This program differs from the referral program in that you do not earn money for the friends you bring to Shibumi or their orders, but you earn from the products that you sell through your link.

This option is the most suitable for product reviews, influencers and large marketing companies.

> You will need an account like in the referral program.

> Access the "Affiliate Program" section from your account panel.

> Fill out the program registration form and when we accept your application you will receive an email notifying you of the approval of the application. From here you will have unlimited access to the affiliate panel and there you will be able to see all the available products and your possible earnings*.

*these amounts are reflected in the affiliate section of your account and may change or disappear at any time by unilateral decision of Shibumi, for reasons technical or production.

Choose the products

When you have access to the affiliate section, there you can find a list with all the products available to earn your commissions

share them

Make a review, recommend it to your audience or put us to the test with quality tests, either way, use your product link

They make the orders

Just wait for customers to place their orders, remember that you will receive commission from the ENTIRE cart, not just the product you share with them

you get your commission

Once we verify that everything is correct and that the customers have received their order, we will proceed to validate your commissions It's that easy!


What is a referral program?

A referral program is a way of promoting a product or service, where potential customers are referred by existing customers. Existing customers receive a reward for referring a friend, which can be a discount on the price of the product or service, or a cash bonus.

What is an affiliate program?

It is a system that allows you to earn money every time someone buys in an online store through a shortened link that you share on your website or social networks. That is, when someone clicks on that link, accesses the official store and makes the purchase, you receive a commission for that sale.

Differences between affiliates and referrals

With the referrals program you can earn money with the complete registration and ALL* the orders that your friend makes over time.

With the affiliate program you will earn commissions with the orders that are made from the link you share of the product, whether from a registered or unregistered customer.

How do I earn money?

By sharing our products or web to your friends or audience, when they make purchases on the site you will automatically receive commissions.

Can I qualify for more earnings?

Depending on your level of sales, an agent from the commercial department will contact you in order to offer you a better offer in terms of commissions and conditions. You can always request it by writing to our mail hello@shibumishop.com.

Do I have special benefits for being a member?

You will have exclusive access to our entire catalog and see in real time the profits you can generate.

At Shibumi we think that everyone on the planet deserves to dress cool and eco at the same time, so wherever you order your item, it will arrive as soon as possible.

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For each item you buy on our website we will plant a tree in your name, you will receive an email with all the information once we have done it. #BeEcoBeShibumi

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In Shibumi you will always get the best prices, but also, if your order exceeds €60 you will get free shipping, simply add the garments you like the most and enjoy!

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You can earn money with our affiliate and referral program, either by recommending Shibumi to your friends or by reviewing our products on your social networks or blog.

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