At Shibumi we condemn fast-fashion, and also our mission is to contribute to preserving and caring for our environment.

For this reason, we have partnered with more: trees, so that with each product you buy at Shibumi, a tree is planted in your name around the world.

That's how it works:


Any product, whatever it is!


With each item you buy, Shibumi will plant a tree in your name and you will receive a message in your email with all the information about your tree. It's that easy!


About your product and having done something important for the planet.

How to change the world?

By planting a tree you help to...

✦ Absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

✦ Sopport the eco economy

✦ Provide jobs to the local population

✦ Protect species endangered by deforestation

✦ Increase rainfall, purify water and improve crop yield

Where will your trees be planted?


Support with Shibumi and more:trees local communities in Madagascar to reforest one of the world's top biodiversity conservation priorities.


Partner with Shibumi and more:trees to plant forests that channel water, supporting communities and wildlife.


Together we help help local farmers plant trees that protect watersheds and improve food security and food supply.

At Shibumi we think that everyone on the planet deserves to dress cool and eco at the same time, so wherever you order your item, it will arrive as soon as possible.

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For each item you buy on our website we will plant a tree in your name, you will receive an email with all the information once we have done it. #BeEcoBeShibumi

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In Shibumi you will always get the best prices, but also, if your order exceeds €60 you will get free shipping, simply add the garments you like the most and enjoy!

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You can earn money with our affiliate and referral program, either by recommending Shibumi to your friends or by reviewing our products on your social networks or blog.

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