Shibumi is more than an ecological clothing brand, it is a young lifestyle and concerned about our surroundings. Making a correct use of the word "Shibumi" will always be our goal, we will always seek exclusivity, simplicity, elegance and above all sustainability.

What does Shibumi (渋み) mean?

Shibumi ( 渋み) is a Japanese word whose meaning could be closer to "effortless perfection". The objects, places or situations qualified as "shibumi" will always be refined, noble, simple and beautiful, without intending to be so, simply by the simple fact of their existence.

In Japanese culture, Shibumi will always imply a beautiful, delicate and perfectionist attitude without the intention of being, honest and loyal with no interest and refreshing and innovative without a spirit of evil.</ p>


Good black


Bad white


Exo green


Sunny orange


Arcade blue


Vintage brown


Mad pink


Retro purple



Main Logo - Shibumi

Main logo, used to represent our brand, this logo will always be the one used to represent our brand at events or on any occasion where the brand is named.

Vertical Main Logo - Shibumi

This logo replaces the main logo in places where it cannot be adapted correctly or its visibility is reduced.

Alternative main logo - Shibumi

Secondary logo, used to represent the brand and its spirit, this logo does not replace the previous ones, it is a logo that only complements them, it can always be used having clearly indicated that it is the ecological clothing brand Shibumi, never use alone.

Logo "Shibumi Club"

This logo is not allowed to be used without prior authorization from Shibumi and its marketing team, it is used to represent club notifications and differentiate from the rest of the content.


Can I use the different Shibumi logos on my products?

Without prior authorization from our company, the use of any image that refers to Shibumi is not allowed.

Can I use the Shibumi image that I find anywhere?

You may only use the image provided on this page.

Can I edit or modify any features of Shibumi's logos or images?

In these cases you are free to modify the colors of the logos, as long as you use the colors provided.

To modify sizes or orientations of the different logos, you will need the prior authorization from our design and marketing team.

What can and can't I do with Shibumi's image?

You can always use the image of Shibumi to represent it anywhere that does not represent or identify itself as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or discriminate against minorities or races, nor can it be used in a political tone nor associated with any social conflict in which any type of being is discriminated against, nor can it be used or associated under any circumstances to support any type of animal abuse or any species on our planet, nor can it be used with the objective to make a profit for oneself or for any company.

How do I get permission to use Shibumi's image?

You can always apply for authorization by writing to us at with the use that you will give to the images, the purpose and why.

At Shibumi we think that everyone on the planet deserves to dress cool and eco at the same time, so wherever you order your item, it will arrive as soon as possible.

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For each item you buy on our website we will plant a tree in your name, you will receive an email with all the information once we have done it. #BeEcoBeShibumi

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In Shibumi you will always get the best prices, but also, if your order exceeds €60 you will get free shipping, simply add the garments you like the most and enjoy!

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You can earn money with our affiliate and referral program, either by recommending Shibumi to your friends or by reviewing our products on your social networks or blog.

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