Next September K-POP Comebacks

Next September K-POP Comebacks

Welcome another Wednesday to a new Shibumi post. As we mentioned in the previous post, today we will talk about a very useful topic, especially for the most clueless people or those who cannot keep up. These are the upcoming K-POP comebacks that are coming up this September. In this post we summarize them all!

In the previous post we listed the K-POP comebacks for the month of August and explained several terms related to the topic, such as; Debut and Comeback. If you are not related to this musical genre, you can take a look before reading this post!

Without further ado, let's see which incredible comebacks await us this coming September.

September Comebacks

The first fortnight of the month will start with the following comebacks:

September 5th

  • ONEUS - Malus (Comeback)
  • Kim JaeHwan - Empty Dream (Comeback)

September 7th

  • Kangta - Eyes On You (Comeback)
  • Kep1er - FLY-UP (Japanese Debut)

September 9th

  • ATEEZ - Let’s Get Together (Mimicus’ OST)

September 14th

  • Pentagon - Feelin’ Like (Comeback)

And as for the second half:

September 16th

  • BLACKPINK - Born Pink (Comeback)
  • NCT 127 - Baddies (Comeback)

September 19th

  • NMIXX - ENTWURF (Comeback)
  • Rocking Doll - SURVIVE (Comeback)

September 21st

  • Ftisland - Door (Japanese Comeback)

September 28th

  • LOONA - Luminous (Japanese Comeback)

September 29th

  • LIME LIGHT - (Debut)

September is going to be a very interesting month for K-POP, with highly anticipated comebacks like BLACKPINK's. The group had been on hiatus for almost two years (603 days) since their last release “How You Like That,” making them the longest-hiatus girl group in K-POP history. On August 19, they released “Pink Venom”, the song will be part of their upcoming album “Born Pink,” which is eagerly awaited on September 16.

On September 6, LOONA's European tour will begin, which will be performed by eleven of the twelve members of the group. They will travel through Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, France and LOONA will finish their European tour on September 16, being their last concert in the United Kingdom.

In Shibumi, we have no doubt that September is a long-awaited month for K-POP fans!

Thank you for reading us one more day. See you in the next publication that we assure you will be of interest to people who love video games. Do not miss it!


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